When a School Presentation Becomes a Family "Moment"

As a teacher taking classes, I am often required to make presentations. This summer was no different and I had to create a presentation for a 6+1 Traits of Writing class. To personalize my powerpoint, I decided to use my 14 year old son, Thor, as a “writing model.” Thor is not particularly fond of school, one of the reasons probably being his distinct dislike for writing. Choosing him as a model probably wasn’t one of my best in terms of the presentation (it took me as long to get 2 pictures of him as it did the rest of the entire power point). And at the time, I remember getting a “little” frustrated when it was midnight and we were still taking pictures. But now as I reflect on the experience, I remember that we did laugh…A LOT. And more important, we enjoyed the time we shared. How often we take moments like that for granted. We forget how special time with our children is, even if we are frustrated. In a few years Thor will be off to college, having his own family and I won’t be there to share times like this. I have decided to include some of those pictures I couldn’t use in my presentation, the ones that will remain in my memory much longer than any presentation.

And now you know why I am grateful.
I love you, Thor.

’til next time,


One response to “When a School Presentation Becomes a Family "Moment"

  1. Sherry Goshon ODACA

    Since you visited my blog I thought I might need to get to know you…I love the “moment”
    since my “baby” is now 20 I understand what you are saying…the laughs the tears each are so engraved in my memories and heart…hello new friend
    love sherry

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