Embracing Change

I am at one of life’s crossroads. After 6 years of working as a  high school special education teacher,  I will be changing careers.

Change is both frightening and exciting; I am feeling both.  Frightened because change has a rippling effect, and it alters lives of those who are closest to us.  My children, Malia, age 18, and Thor, age 15, are those who will be an intimate part of this altering life course.

My children’s reactions to this change, as well as to the unavoidable changes in their own lives, will be largely affected by my attitude during this transitional time.  If I allow myself to become paralyzed with fear of what “could happen,” what I will do, or how we will live, or if I throw myself a continuous pity-party wallowing in “poor me,” my children will learn to fear changes that are inevitable in every life.  But if I embrace this time as an opportunity to discover who I am,  my passions and dreams – as an opportunity to learn and grow, my children will perceive change as an exciting opportunity to become better.

In the next few months I know I will experience the gamat of emotions that come with facing the unknown. Some forces guiding  my journey are:

  1. I have always been passionate about every job I’ve had (and I have had many!)
  2. I love learning!
  3. I am eager to learn more about myself and explore the possibilities
  4. I have always liked writing and reading
  5. I enjoy analysis and critical thinking
  6. I think research is exciting
  7. I like working, teaching, and communicaing with adolescents
  8. I’m not afraid of hard work
  9. I have been teaching myself computer and technology skills and I really enjoy it.
  10. I have the desire to  learn from and collaborate with others who are passionate life-long learners

Whatever I do – I want to be a positive role-model to my children and to the world. I want to be the  change I would like to see.

Join me, won’t you?

Looking to the Future

Looking into the Future


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