Fear-Is it real?

The subject of fear has crossed my path today, twice.  Fear can mean I’m afraid of facing the truth about some aspect of my life.  Or it could mean I’m in danger of risking something — or it could mean something entirely different and I am just out of touch with what’s going on with me.
I know part of my a fear comes from not knowing what my purpose is.  It’s important to me to know why I’m here-what I’m to do while existing on this Earth.  I feel I should know by now but I continue to search day after day, month after month, year after unknowing year. I am lost.  My life continues to feel meaningless.  I Keep learning but where is it leading me to?  Where am I going?..  I have questions but no  answers. 
It’s time for possibilities hidden in my sub-conscious.  I was listening to Steve Pavlina’s podcast from his blog, "Personal Development for Smart People" ~ consulting your intuition.  He suggested two ways to begin to access information from your sub-conscious. One way is through journaling, the other through visualization and images. Both begin with a question, followed by quiet observation.  Both require you to silence your ego.  This will take patience and a willingness not to interfere by "knowing" the answer to your question before you begin to listen.
Why try to go beyond your conscious mind for answers? Well, if you don’t, you may just stay stuck.  Questions?  I thought so :)  

It’s 3 a.m. and I am still awake…

Time has gotten away from me again.  I am up late – again.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about my internet connection.  I feel bad that I had to leave home tonight. 
I have some issues to deal with personally – thinking about family.  And how people judge another’s behavior.  Instead of asking why I didn’t call or come to the funeral – I am judged.  And of course I am not up to "par" when it comes to the God that has judged me.  Oh wait that wasn’t God, that was my sister. 

Make it Quick


exHow do you manage your time?  Do you accomplish everything you planned?  I don’t know what happens to my time.  I make to-do lists.  But I never seem to get to to-done.  It’s 12:20 a.m. and I have 3 tasks for my class I’d planned to accomplish – zero are completed.  3 are started. 

I get very distracted – where am I now?  Oh yes, setting  up a Windows spaces blog.  How did I get here?  Oh yes, I wanted to upload my OneNote notebook to SkyDrive and sync it.  I never figured out how to sync them  I have a couple of files uploaded, but that wasn’t what I’d planned – Not even close. I am motivated to do this because I am getting two, yes I said 2, tablet pc’s. 

Expired  by eyecreate2

And I know I can use OneNote on all three of my computes and sync them.  That way information will always be where ever I am working.  Gosh, I am excited about getting my new tablets.

#1 HP Pavillion tx1000; 12 in. touch screen.                              #2 Acer; 8.9 in. multi-touch screen

Why did I get two?  I got the first one because I wanted a bigger screen; it’s 12.1 inches. The second on is smaller, and a multi-touch screen.  You can touch the  screen in several places at one time and move all those places to enlarge or shrink images or content.  



I am still going to accomplish the three tasks I set out to do.  If I believe I can do it, I can.  I CAN!  Beliefs are the basis of an individual’s reality.  Reality is subjective, you know. We each create our own reality from our beliefs.

What do you believe?  Are your beliefs serving you, or are they keeping you stuck?  The choice is yours!    


When ever I Dream

I dream in colours.  I see yellows and blues.  Sometimes there are green fields of long grasses.  The grass sways back and forth, back and forth.  Dreams are majical.  The day brings the everyday life of others every where.

Nonfiction Reading Strategies ~ from Barbara Yardley’s Presentations

Understanding non-fiction can be challenging for students of all ages and abilities.  Investing time to use the PAWS strategies  before we jump into reading the text is actually a more effective use of reading and learning time.

PAWS is an acronym for the following pre-reading strategies:

  • P – Preview
  • A – Activate prior knowledge
  • W – Write down wonders
  • S – Set a speed

Watch the slide show created and shared by Barbara Yardley, a middle school reading and writing teacher,  for explanation of each of the PAWS strategies.

See the original slide show on  Barbara Yardley’s Presentations at Slideshare.  You can also see Barbara’s presentations on “organization,” and “point of view.”   Thank you, Barbara!

Spirit Playlist

Moonlight – from

This image inspired me tonight as I face the unknown. The original was shared at the Witch School Blog of Shadows  by the_good_witch