Fear-Is it real?

The subject of fear has crossed my path today, twice.  Fear can mean I’m afraid of facing the truth about some aspect of my life.  Or it could mean I’m in danger of risking something — or it could mean something entirely different and I am just out of touch with what’s going on with me.
I know part of my a fear comes from not knowing what my purpose is.  It’s important to me to know why I’m here-what I’m to do while existing on this Earth.  I feel I should know by now but I continue to search day after day, month after month, year after unknowing year. I am lost.  My life continues to feel meaningless.  I Keep learning but where is it leading me to?  Where am I going?..  I have questions but no  answers. 
It’s time for possibilities hidden in my sub-conscious.  I was listening to Steve Pavlina’s podcast from his blog, "Personal Development for Smart People" ~ consulting your intuition.  He suggested two ways to begin to access information from your sub-conscious. One way is through journaling, the other through visualization and images. Both begin with a question, followed by quiet observation.  Both require you to silence your ego.  This will take patience and a willingness not to interfere by "knowing" the answer to your question before you begin to listen.
Why try to go beyond your conscious mind for answers? Well, if you don’t, you may just stay stuck.  Questions?  I thought so :)  

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