Thinking about "Truth"


By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.
                                                   ~George Carlin


Truth, to me is simplicity.  It begins with simply knowing.  If one could hold onto that “knowing” we would see “truth.”  But the human mind, at least this human mind, doesn’t stop at knowing.  My mind piles on more thoughts and when I think I use language.  And the simple “truth” is lost.  I think that’s what Carlin meant when he said that language conceals the truth.  We think with words, and our words are subjective because they come from our own perception.  And with perception comes subjective truth created by language.

How can we ever know the truth, then?  Some say meditation will lead to shedding all the constraints of language and that’s one way to know “truth.”  Some others say there is no such thing as objective truth, but it will always be within the mind of the thinker.  Yet, others say if many people agree on the same truth, then it must be true.

And I’m sure there are others who say, what difference does it make anyway?  It’s just one of the random thoughts that come to my mind.  I think truth is an ideal and when we make it real it loses it’s importance. It becomes less than simple but caught in the web of human thoughts. 

What do you think?

’til next time



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